The company is a regular exhibitor at IceFish, where its staff get the opportunity to meet customers from all over Iceland.

Covering the whole industrial spectrum from agriculture to shipping and the seafood industry, Íslyft's range extends from straightforward pallet jacks and spare parts to a heavy-duty lifting equipment capable of effortlessly lifting tonnes, as well as to a range of specialist equipment that includes electrical cars and forklifts that are essential for areas where food is produced.

“Our experience of the IceFish exhibition has always been excellent,” Íslyft's managing director Gísli Guðlaugsson said.

“We have taken part since 1999 and we have always seen a stream of customers coming to us.”

Things have changed, as both the exhibition and Íslyft have grown over those twenty years and he said that today the three days at the exhibition bring many of their existing customers who take the opportunity to come to the event.

“We have added a lot more customers over the years. We focus on the Icelandic market and we see our customers from every part of the country coming to visit us at the exhibition - and we make them very welcome when they come to us,” he said.

“We always have the same amount of space for our stand and we're always in the same place so people know exactly where to find us.”