A company representative attended the exhibition to collect the grand prize of USD$30,000 in the fourth WWF (World Wildlife Fund) International Smart Gear Competition, a competition that brings ideas, policy and science together in order to find solutions to reduce by-catch in fishing world wide.

The prize was for the BS30 Underwater Bait Setter device (deploys baits on a longline at pre-determined depths, effectively setting baits out of the visual sight and diving range of sea birds) that the company has been developing.

Amerro Engineering has decided to exhibit in Iceland due to the success of the last event with regard to worldwide exhibitors and attendance. The exhibition will allow them to introduce their product to the longline fishing industry and will provide valuable worldwide exposure over the 3 days.

Exhibitors and visitors come from across the globe to be part of the Icelandic commercial fishing community. The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2008 attracted 489 exhibitors from 33 countries and 12,429 attendees from 50 countries. The Icelandic market is definitely open for business overseas.

International participants come to be a part of the Icelandic commercial fishing supply chain. As the event is held only every 3 years, there are always new products to see, new people to meet and budgets to spend. You also have the chance for networking and relaxing with existing colleagues, friends and peers.

If you are an overseas company looking to exhibit at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition 2011 please call the Events team on +44 (0) 1329 820 489 or e-mail janderson@mercatormedia.com to find out more.