The Búlandstindur will have a capacity of up to 13 tonnes, making it possible for the company to pack salmon at -1°C throughout the year.

According to Búlandstindur's managing director Elís Grétarsson, there was no question about going for the Skaginn 3X option for their salmon production. "We slaughter salmon for fiskeldi Austfjarðar and the Sub-Chilling system ensures the highest possible product quality, which also opens the possibilities to slaughter for other producers in the future," he said. "We can also streamline transport alongside significantly boosting product quality and shelf life."

Skaginn 3X sales manager Ragnar A. Guðmundsson commented that it is a pleasure to see the emphasis that Búlandstindur's staff place on quality. "It's great work with people who see quality as their top priority and organise their production around that," he said, adding that he expects to a surge in sales of the company's Sub-Chilling systems."Sub-Chilling has really established itself on the market and I'm convinced that we'll be signing more contracts before the end of the year."