Innovative new processing techniques are being researched and developed to ensure high yield for each catch and maximum use of fish waste and in view of this IceFish will be launching its ‘Fish Waste for Profit' conference alongside the main exhibition.

The conference will look at ways to utilise the whole fish to increase profits which are beneficial to the environment and the fishing industry. Companies are already producing products from fish waste including: bio-diesel fuel, beauty products and luxury fashion accessories.

To view and try fish skincare products please visit the Iceland Responsible Fisheries on Stand G30.

To guarantee future growth, Iceland is a pioneer in the utilisation of all of the fish and close cooperation between entrepreneurs and the fishing companies and fish processors are one of the success factors.

Pre-registration at reduced rates still available for the IceFish Exhibition - to book your place for the exhibition please visit the bookings page.

Visit the IceFish Conference website to book your place on this innovative event.