The company has seen plenty of growth in the last few years, having established its own manufacturing base with its subsidiary Naust Marine Spain, and with much of the growth taking place in Russia as its fleet goes through a rapid phase of regeneration.

Production for Russian clients includes a package of approximately 260 winches, ranging from trawl winches down to smaller auxiliary and boom-handling winches for a series of trawlers being built for Norebo at the Severnaya Shipyard in St Petersburg.

Contracts for six trawlers have been signed for the innovative Nautic-designed trawlers which will operate in northern waters, and option of four more which to operate in the Far East. To provide these trawler with flexible operating options, Naust Marine came up with an original concept that allows two winches to double as either net drums or trawl winches, giving them options for twin-rigging, or working pelagic gear if required.

This year the company has also delivered winch systems in three US factory trawlers, operating from Dutch Harbour in Alaska.

Naust Marine has been a regular presence at IceFish since the company was established, and sales manager Helgi Kristjánsson is a veteran of a great many industry exhibitions.

"We have taken part in exhibitions all around the world – and some are definitely better than others," he said.

"IceFish is among the best and it has always been very positive for us. It brings us opportunities to meet people and to display our equipment – and we feel that there has been a strong presence of overseas visitors. They come from Asia, New Zealand, Russia and the US, and we have seen more people from Russia at the last event."

He commented that for anyone looking to build a new vessel, an exhibition like IceFish is the ideal place to search out systems and equipment.

"It gives you the opportunity to see everything in one place and to compare suppliers – and you can spend as much time as you like sending emails to people, but there's nothing going to an event like this and speaking to people face-to-face."

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