Markets for Oddi's products include Spain, the USA, Asia and the UK, and the company's products have gained a constant reputation for good performance.

The largest printing company and packaging producer in Iceland, Oddi was founded in 1943 and today offers general printing services, packaging production, in both paper and plastic, layout and design services, as well as warehousing.

The company has three operational facilities in Reykjavík, each specialising in its own production to maximise efficiency.

Oddi's expertise in designing and producing highest quality packaging for fresh and frozen seafood products has made the company a longstanding partner to many manufacturers in Europe, including many leading Icelandic fisheries companies and seafood producers.

Many of the most respected brands of Icelandic seafood products are transported around the world in packaging designed, produced and printed by Oddi.

"We pride ourselves on providing the fishing and seafood industry with customised packaging solutions that will keep the product in prime condition all the way to the destination and into the hands of the consumer," said Oddi CEO Gunnar Sverrisson. "Our partnership with the fishing industries is very important to us and our goal is to provide the best solution every time according to each customer's needs."

Oddi has participated in The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition for many years and is also sponsoring the carrier bags this year.

"An event like the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition is very important for us. It provides an opportunity to connect with potential customers as well as reconnecting with older and important partners," says CMO Kristján Geir Gunnarsson.

"We are here on stand C32 to present our latest products and our expertise in providing the best packaging solutions for the fishing and seafood industry. This event gives us the perfect opportunity to listen to what both current and prospective customers are looking for and it inspires us to innovate to fulfil their needs."

With success comes responsibility. Oddi is committed to environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and recycling.

Oddi also places a strong emphasis on providing customers with up to date information on carbon footprint and the company's seafood packaging is manufactured with as much as 93% less carbon footprint compared to large competitors.

"Environmental awareness has always been fundamental in all aspects of our production," Gunnar Sverrisson said. "Oddi's policy is that our customers can be assured that the products they are purchasing are as environmentally positive as possible."