Engey is the first of three new groundfish trawlers for HB Grandi, and the first of a new generation of whitefish vessels being built at yards in Turkey, Norway and China for Icelandic operators, with both freezers and fresher vessels under construction.

Delayed from departing, ironically by heavy snow in Turkey just as the vessel was ready to depart, skipper Friðleifur Einarsson and his crew steamed for fifteen days from the Celiktrans yard near Istanbul where Engey was built, and where sister vessels Akurey and Viðey are due to be completed later this year.

The new trawler, designed with a striking X-bow configuration by naval architect Alfreð Tulinius of Nautic, docked briefly in Reykjavík before steaming across the bay to Akranes where Skaginn 3X are to fit out the catch handling deck with an innovative system for sorting, cleaning and grading catches.

Engey, Akurey and Viðey have an overall length of 54.75 metres and a beam of 13.50 metres, making them significantly larger than the 30-year old trawlers they are to replace and which have served HB Grandi very well over the years. The new vessels are several steps ahead of the older trawlers in terms of sophistication and economic operation, each with a 1790kW MAN 6L27/38 main engines driving a 3800mm propeller via a Reintjes reduction gear, and with complete electric winch systems from Naust Marine.

New vessels are expected to be delivered soon to Icelandic fishing companies Rammi, Hraðfrystihús Gunnvör and Vinnslustöðin from Chinese and Turkish builders