The new branch in Reykjavik will service its growing client base of trading companies and processors in the seafood and consumer goods industries, and the company will be exhibiting at IceFish this year as part of its drive to further establish its presence on the Icelandic market and to reinforce relationships with its international customers.

“DS-Concept has been a leading provider of financing to the seafood industry for the past 17 years and has industry clients in Iceland and in other parts of the globe including China, Vietnam, Argentina, Norway, Spain, Turkey, USA, Mauritius, and Mozambique. The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition will be a great opportunity for us to nurture existing relationships and also educate companies new to us on the added value we can provide. For example, our extensive international network in the seafood industry is valuable to companies that would benefit from the assistance of local experts when entering new markets. We also look forward to discussing our supply chain and inventory programs for qualified target clients, in addition to receivables financing,” said John Stillwaggon, CEO of DS-Concept USA.

DS-Concept services Icelandic parent companies and foreign subsidiaries with both pre-export and export financing. The private lender provides financing on open account, L/C and documentary collections payment terms, to help accelerate its Icelandic clients' cash flow and allows them to increase their turnover, take on larger purchase orders and experience faster growth.

Its international finance expertise and capabilities provides DS-Concept with the capacity to structure credit facilities for Iceland-based companies supplying the USA, Europe, UK, and Asia and transacting in USD, EUR and GBP.

“The services offered by DS-Concept are just what the Icelandic fishing industry needs: offices in key markets and local know-how, expertise in international supply chain finance and tailor-made solutions that allow companies to grow as they can focus on their core business,“ said Sveinn Reynisson at DS-Concept's Iceland office.