The company breakdown is 75% packaging and 25% print and they are continually looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Their stand at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition was a good example of this with the floor of the stand originating from wooden pallets made from sustainable wood. When the pallets arrive into Iceland from the US they are a different size to Icelandic pallets.

This means that the imported pallets cannot be used and are usually chopped up for wood. Oddi took an ecological stance on this by using the US pallets to create the flooring on their exhibition stand.

Not content with only using recycled pallets, they also created retro lights from corrugated cardboard and furniture from wooden pallet planks.

The final touches were shelves made from cardboard rolls and Viking boats designed with recycled cardboard.

After the exhibition, Oddi told IceFish that they would be taking all of the recycled material from the exhibition stand back to their office to update the décor.

Stefán Hrafn Hagalín, Marketing Manager for Oddi said “Our company believes in sustainability and recycling and we have shown this in our stand. Once the show is over we will break down the stand and re-use the wood and cardboard to makeover the meeting rooms in our head office.”