Established in 2018, FishFacts has grown rapidly as an information provider, linking fishing vessel owners and skippers with service providers through its online platform. Set up by the father-and-son team of Óli and Hanus Samró, FishFacts is based around an extensive fishing vessel database which is constantly checked and updated, with fleets trackable via AIS.

This partnered by a suppliers database, detailing companies providing every conceivable type of equipment and service to the fishing industry worldwide.

Users are skippers, vessel owners and fleet managers, ranging from FishFacts' home ground around the North Atlantic region to the Canadian west coast to the Sea of Okhotsk, and from Svalbard to the Antarctic, representing fishing vessels of every type.

As FishFacts has grown, the company is seeking to widen its reach still further – and opted to participate in next year's IceFish exhibition in September 2021.

"Iceland is a key fishing nation and that's why we felt it's an important for us to be present at an exhibition that attracts skippers and vessel owners from across the Nordic region," said FishFacts' Hanus Samró, who manages the rapidly expanding company's sales.

If you are interested in exhibiting, sponsoring, attending or speaking at 2021 IceFish please call +44 01329 825 335 or email

International sales:

Diane Lillo Tel. +44 1329 825 335 or email

Icelandic sales:
Birgir Þór Jósafatsson Tel: +354 896 2277 or Bjarni Thor Jonsson GSM: +354 896 6363