Chornco transforms fuels into cost saving mitigation tools for high volume fuel consumers: Across Industries - In All Environments - Around the World.

Chornco is emerging as the performance leader of fuel additive formulations. Developed to transform fuels into cost saving efficiency and sustainability tools, Chornco additives differentiate themselves by their proven performance results.

Each fuel specific additive delivers a package of integrated benefits that are unique in their ability to solve fuel derived problems from point of storage through combustion. The additives are non toxic, non hazardous, organic compounds of hydrocarbon nature that are ashless and metal free.

Innovation is a key concept to Chornco. By sponsoring the ‘Best New Product' award, Chornco is recognising and rewarding innovation in the commercial fishing industry.

The awards ceremony will take place on the first evening of the exhibition (22nd September 2011). Make sure you find out who the winners are on Friday morning by looking to see who has their trophy on their stand!