"As developers and manufacturers of fishing gear and aquaculture equipment, we at Vónin always look forward to the IceFish Exhibition. It's always a very professional and well-organised event with a wide selection of decision makers present," said Vónin's Bogi Nón.

The company has extensive experience in the aquaculture business behind it, having supplied UK and Norwegian growers with cages and associated equipment as well as the home market in the Faroe Islands where Vónin developed much of the gear used to cope with Faroese conditions.

Its fishing gear development is in full swing and this year has supplied tailor-made Bacalao 740 trawls both to Norwegian trawlers Atlantic Viking and the new Granit, now about to be delivered.

Vónin's Óli Horn, comments "We can say that this trawl has done very well. It has been used for saithe, cod, redfish and Greenland halibut and with no damage other than the usual wear and tear that needs routine maintenance."

Vónin continues to grow and this year is embarking on building a new net loft in Fuglafjörður, the Faroese pelagic fishing capital, to cope with the demand for larger trawl gear, as well as more than doubling the size of its production facility at Siauliai in Lithuania.

"Iceland is an important market for us and we are looking very much forward to presenting our latest products which include the Flyer, and the Tornado and Storm trawl doors," Bogi Nón said.