Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling, Events Director and Mark Saul, World Fishing Magazine will be in Brussels next week to promote Icefish 2017. If you'd like to meet with them whilst at the exhibition, then please email on:

The Icelandic fisheries sector is one of the mainstays of the Icelandic economy, both as a source of food for the nation as well as representing a significant proportion of Iceland's export income. The sector plays an important role in Iceland's culture and heritage. In 2014, approximately 10,500 people were directly employed by the fisheries industry, an increase of 8.5% from 2012.

The Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition has been part of this success story since 1984 and the last event in 2014 was a complete sell out coupled with an increase in attendance numbers by 12% to 15,219. For over 30 years this successful exhibition has covered every aspect of the commercial fishing industry from catching and locating to processing and packaging, right through to marketing and distribution of the final product. The planning for the 12th Icefish is well underway and meetings have been held in Iceland between the organisers, Mercator Media, and an appointed advisory board consisting of a cross selection of exhibitors and government bodies.