A lot has changed over the years – much of this stemming from the quota system that was implemented the year before the first IceFish. Consequently, the event has responded by shifting from the original focus firmly on the catching sector to today encompass processing, seafood, aquaculture and the burgeoning recognition of the importance of producing value from every kilo of fish landed, something in which Iceland has emerged as a clear leader.

"The fisheries sector as a whole is a vital part of Iceland's economy as 35% of export values come through fish or fish related products, and it's clear that with an efficient catching sector, the growth areas are seafood, aquaculture and the by-products field.

For the first time IceFish has a dedicated area within the event to place a focus on these four vital sectors of the seafood industry," events Director Marianne Rasmussen-Coulling said.

At the same time, the Fish Waste for Profit conference that has in recent years been attracting increasing attention, will this year be held alongside IceFish, and these developments have grown from the close co-operation between the exhibition's organisers and the wider industry.

"We consult widely," she said. "For this kind of event that takes place every three years we have to get it right and we are in constant touch with advisory boards representing cross-sections of the fishing and seafood sectors. We carry out regular surveys and we make sure that our sales and organisation teams get the knowledge they need to understand the needs of these markets."

She added that the three-year cycle that underpins IceFish arose from precisely this consultation with the industry, which saw annual or biennial events as being too frequent, while the three year frequency ensures that there are innovations on display, while this also allows companies to invest a greater energy and effort in stand design and presentation.

"It's a unique opportunity to meet key Icelandic and international stakeholders within the sector, all under one roof," she said, adding that a further innovation is a matchmaking initiative with Innovation Centre Iceland, designed to bring buyers and sellers together in 90 meetings during the exhibition.

"IceFish is supported by all of the major fishing bodies in Iceland, including the Ministry of Fisheries, the Federation of Icelandic Industries, the Seamen's Federation, and more. This year we are confident that we can build on the figure of 13,621 people from 52 countries who attended the 2017 exhibition."

If you are interested in exhibiting, sponsoring, attending or speaking at 2020 IceFish please call +44 01329 825 335 or email info@icefish.is.

International sales:

Diane Lillo Tel. +44 1329 825 335 or email dlillo@mercatormedia.com

Icelandic sales:
Birgir Þór Jósafatsson Tel: +354 896 2277 birgir@icefish.is or Bjarni Thor Jonsson GSM: +354 896 6363 bjarni@icefish.is