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MP Teknik is a total provider of aquaculturel equipment, nautical equipment and marine electronics.

We carry and install clean agent fixed fire extinguishing systems for engine rooms, server rooms or special installations, and we provide radio/tv solutions and car audio systems for homes, cars or boats. In our advanced workshop, we repair virtually all electronics.

MP Teknik was established in 2004 by brothers Malvinus í Gong and Petur í Gong. Initial line of business was radio and television solutions to the end user market, however, business was soon expanded to include sale and service of nautical equipment and marine electronics. Subsequently, MP Teknik has also expanded into aquaculture and coperates with a global provider of aquacultural equipment.

MP Teknik has taken part in r&d projects in cooperation with other companies and authorities, and among own innovations are MP Radio and Tracer, which has been welcomed by the fishing industry in the Faroes, Iceland and Norway.





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