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KAPP traces it’s roots back to 1929.

To day it is one of one of the strongest engineering and cooling workshop in Iceland and is proud owner of the Optimice® brand; design, produce, sales and service. The department of Kapp is: * Engineering workshop * Refrigeration workshop * Lathing workshop * Incold® cold rooms and storage cabins * Optimice® liquid ice * Transport Solutions and logistics * Staltech® stainless steel constructions and conveyor belts * Titan® containers * Wholesale Optimice KAPP is the original Optim-ICE® Company and has manufactured and sold over 500 machines under the name Optim-ICE® all over the world since 1999. Optim-ICE® is liquid ice systems wish rapidly cools the catch and increased shelf life. * The liquid ice completely enwraps the product. · Increased shelf life by 5-7 days. · Decreases micro bacteria formation. · Significantly faster down time. · Rapid and efficient cooling. Optim-ICE® Sales Network Overseas are in: * USA * Mexico * Russia * Norway * France




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