Vélfag was founded in 1995 by husband and wife Bjarmi Sigurgarðarsson and Ólöf Ýr Lárusdóttir in the small town of Ólafsfjörður in North Iceland. After years of working on and around fishing vessels, they were convinced that new materials coupled with the latest technology would further enable fish processors to increase the utilization, yield and quality of each catch. New materials and applications such as stainless steel parts for rust-free solutions at sea, recycled plastics, longer machine life span, user friendly cleaning solutions, and further technologies revolutionized how we create our machinery and aimed to get as much out of every fish possessed as possible.

The first 15 years the company focused on processing solutions (parts and machines) at sea, but in recent years branched into land-based processing.

From building the worlds first stainless steel filleting machine to selling machines all over the world, Vélfag has come a long way from the early days of spare part construction in the family garage.




Mulavegur 18
625 Olafsfjordur