Uni-Food Technic has more than 35 years’ experience with designing and manufacturing of innovative, high quality food processing equipment – especially for the salmon/trout segment.

Uni-Food Technic has recently introduced a second business area by entering into the shrimp segment with the patented automatic shrimp peeling machine, Seapeeler Flex.

Uni-Food Technic produces both manual and intelligent, fully automatic machineries that reduce the need for operators, and reduce labour costs and the risk of contamination. However, all products from Uni-Food Technic are always made to meet the specific demands from the end customers.

After a change of ownership in 2019, Uni-Food Technic relocated last year to new, large facilities of 3700 m2 with production, warehouse and administration all under one roof, and the company has today more than 30 dedicated employees.

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