Thyborøn Skibssmedie A/S was founded in 1967 by mastersmith Børge Stausholm Andreasen. Since 1967 the company is specialized in manufacturing trawldoors. Thyborøn Trawldoors are used by fishermen of all continents in the world for all different kinds of pelagic, semi-pelagic and bottomfishing.

In co-operation with fishermen and technical experts from the leading flume tanks in the world, Thyborøn Trawldoor is currently attempting to further improve and develop the trawldoors.

Stability. Efficiency. Spread. Every day, all year.

Thyborøn Trawldoors are manufactured by a very experienced, well-educated staff and always in first class materials with certificate. The combination of the staff’s experience, the best technical equipment and accomplished working procedures are giving a uniform production. The result of this is high-quality products with a minimum of mistakes.

The flexibility in the production and among the staff allows Thyborøn Trawldoor A/S to offer “tailor-made” trawl doors, which are built to the individual customer needs, wishes and demands.


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