Símenntun HA, the continuing education division of the University of Akureyri and specialises in distance learning solutions and offers a range of programs, including an MBA and master’s degrees in human resource management and healthcare leadership via UHI Scotland and also offers multiple shorter options for continuing education for adults.

STF is a union in Iceland that supports managers by providing benefits such as health and education funds. They work together with Símenntun HA to promote the Stjórnendanám program, specifically designed for managers. This program emphasizes practical skills for managers and middle managers.

Stjórnendanámið is an extremely practical program that was specially set up for managers and middle managers to improve their skills. The program is also great for people who want to take on more responsibility at work and become a manager. The management course is designed for working people, as a result the workload is reasonable and the tasks are based on the students’ workplace experience. By doing so, the students immediately get an insight into how the content of the course can be used in their workplace and can start working accordingly and lighten the load on themselves.


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