Samhentir and Vörumerking are focused on selling and producing packaging  and labels for food industries, along with packaging solutions for seafood, meat, drinking and dairy industries and other.

Samhentir kassagerd ehf was  founded in 1996 and originally producing Palletboxes, soon the company started importing all kinds of packaging like cardboard and carton boxes. Year 2002 they added all kinds of plastic products and packaging machines and tapes. 2004 Samhentir buys a share in the company Tri-Pack that specilices in polypropylene boxes - Cool Seal - that is mostly used by fishing companies.
Our main service areas are Iceland and the North Atlantic area where European fleet is fishing, Samhentir are working together with the main packaging producers in Europe and the US. We are also selling packing equipment from well known machinery producers and run service and maintaining department for these equipment. Samhentir also own 50% in two companies abroad, Tri-Pack Plastics Grimsby England with the brand „Cool Seal“  and Vestpack from Vestmanna Faroe Islands, main packaging supplier in the Faroe Islands. In Iceland 80 people are working  for Samhentir and Vörumerking operates in a 9.200 square meters buildings in Gardabær Iceland, our slogan is „all in one place“ where our aim is to have outstanding service to our customers. 




Sudurhrauni 4a
210 Gardabaer


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