Kæling ehf. is one of the leading companies in the field of refrigeration, freezing and ice scraping systems, especially for the fishing industry and the food industry

The company manufactures, among other things, sludge engines, sea coolers and cooling systems for fishing vessels. The systems have gained a foothold both in Iceland and abroad, as they preserve the quality and freshness of the raw material during its processing and storage in the vessels. By cooling the sea and pumping it into a specially made basket on the deck of a fishing vessel and moving the fish there as soon as possible during fishing, the conservation process of the catch begins as soon as the fish arrives on board. Kælingar ehf. to the story. Refrigeration then produces equipment for ice or sludge production in the ships and a cooling system that maintains the optimum temperature of the cargo until it arrives on land. In this way, the quality of the raw material from fishing to processing can be maximized.




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