IBERCISA is a technological company. Founded in 1969, has been dedicated to the design and manufacture, under its own technology, of the widest range of deck machinery for all kind of marine markets (fishing, tugs, oceanographic, navy, offshore, civil, merchant, research and dredging).

Also deliver services giving technological solutions having previously studied the requirements of our clients, presenting the project which we feel is best suited to their needs, both technical and environmental. From the start, IBERCISA was characterized by its loyalty to the boat-building industry, its innovation, deriving from its experience and knowledge of the people of the sea , in perfect combination with its highly qualified engineers and technical staff and an outstanding “international” spirit which sees its machinery present in all the oceans of the world and in more than 30 countries. IBERCISA has a wide ranging and ultra-modern machinery-tool park with numerical control (lathes, milling machines, boring machines) which in conjunction with an up- to- date factory, furnished with a complete system of crane bridges and a careful manufacturing organization (oxygen cutting, boiler forge, mechanized and assembling), allows for optimum speed in production in terms of times and processes.





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Vigo (Pontevedra)


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