Fishmeal Processing Solutions - Hedinn has undertaken the modernization of all conventional fishmeal plants in Iceland, including installment of electrically powered dryers to improve product quality and cut energy costs.

The Hedinn Protein Plant (HPP) is a groundbreaking flexible, transportable and energy efficient new process of producing high quality fishmeal and fish oil. Available in sizes ranging from 7 to 270 ton raw material capacity per 24 hours for production at sea or on land. Rolls-Royce Marine Service Provider - Hedinn is the Rolls-Royce Marine Service Provider in Iceland. The company sells and services Rolls-Royce Marine equipment and solutions and handles installation, upgrades, repairs and maintenance.  Industrial Services - Hedinn serves a variety of industries and heavy industries with metal and mechanical engineering solutions as well as industrial constructions. A highly skilled workforce and cutting edge equipment puts Hedinn at the forefront of this service sector.




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