GreenFox Marine is the first company to develop a high speed machine for automatic sex sorting fish (30-130 gram), using ultrasound and AI.

Sex sorted fish provides significant benefits to the fish farming companies, combined with improved fish health.

Ongoing full-scale projects with sexsorting salmon in Norway, already show significant difference in growth on both male and female fish. The male fish is 17% heavier compared to the average in the reference group of mixed sex after 9 months in the sea. The difference in growth is expected to increase further. This is the normal way for the production of Atlantic salmon in Chile.

The GreenFox sexsorting machines are thoroughly tested, as they have been in commercial operations for 2 years.

The main benefits for sexsorting are:

• Significant increased growth on both sexes

• Shorter time in the sea

• Reduced issues with sea lice

• Improved fish health and reduced mortality

• Adapted production for both sexes, including no light treatment for the female fish

GreenFox Marine is also using the same technology to identify abnormities on other organs of the fish as well, as nephrocalcinosis, early maturation and deformities on the heart of the fish in the same sizes.


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