Dexta orkutæknilausnir ehf. (Dexta Energy Technology Solutions Ltd.) is focused on engineered solutions and supply of equipment for (thermal) energy transfer (heating and cooling), thermal processes and heat recovery.

Dexta orkutæknilausnir ehf. offers engineering to minimize energy and water consumption of processes in industrial- and food production. This results in environmental friendly, more economic and more competetive operations. Dexta orkutæknilausnir ehf. has worked with fish drying companies since 2005. This concerns engineering of drying processes, heat recovery and supply of equipment and total solutions - both in Iceland and internationally. Dexta has recently designed a wet scrubber system to eliminate smell from fish drying plant.  The solution is made of packing material, water and ozone.




Huldugili 62
603 Akureyri