Stainless steel drive solutions for the food industry.

Hygiene and sustainability are what counts in the Food industry, that is where DERTEC comes into play! Stainless steel power transmission solutions. With some pride and without exaggerating, Dertec offers the largest range of stainless steel drives for use in the food industry. The program includes full stainless steel and hygienic IP69K, Asynchronous and Synchronous electric motors which, integrated or with a standard flange, can be assembled with our equally extensive range of stainless steel gearboxes.

Dertec stainless steel electric motors are supplied as TENV or TEFC, for different applications a water-cooled version is possible. Most versions are also available with an integrated brake or encoder. The PM Synchronous Motor also offers you an interesting solution in combination with an encoder servo control as an option.

The gearbox program includes 8 different product lines with a maximum secondary torque between 20 and 2700 Nm and shaft diameters between 14 and 60 mm. We produce 1-Stage, 2-Stage and 3-Stage Coaxial, Bevel, Hypoid, Parallel Shaft and Worm Drives. It is not without reason that our slogan is: Dertec designed to perform.




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