Pavilion of Denmark is organized by Danish Export - Fish Tech under Danish Export Association. Danish Export - Fish Tech is your access point to Danish expertise. At the Pavilion of Denmark you can meet and engage with representatives and experts from Danish companies.

Danish Export Association is centered around industry specific networks e.g the fisheries, aquaculture and fish processing industry gathered in the Fish Tech network. Danish Export - Fish Tech network: A leading network of more than 100 Danish companies being experts within solutions for the international aquaculture, fisheries and/or fish/seafood processing industry. In our networks main focus is to promote Danish businesses abroad, encourage collaboration between companies nationally and internationally, strong networks within the industries, inform of market opportunities, organize industry specific business events and common export promotions abroad e.g. with Pavilion of Danmark at international exhibitions. Danish Export Association hosts a large number of export networks within industries where Denmark is strongly positioned internationally. Members of Danish Export Association include suppliers, manufacturers and service providers making it an excellent platform for you to identify new relevant/potential business partners from Denmark. For more information contact: Martin Winkel Lilleøre, Head of Fish Tech, Danish Export Association, maw@danishexport.dk


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