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Life and work at sea is rough. It’s not for everybody. As a leading global expert in seafood processing systems, we know that more than most. We know that space on board is limited. That cleaning must be easy. That time is of the essence when attempting to preserve the quality and freshness of the catch. And above all, we know how important it is to have equipment that works.

Engineered and developed by people who know the sea, we ensure the highest possible standards and high performance from design to installation to support. Our business, way of thinking, and even our products are Shaped by the sea, supporting the notion that “if it works at sea, it will work everywhere.”

Seafood is in our DNA, and we are proud to design and build factory solutions for fishing vessels, operating 300 days at sea. This demands endurance without compromise, and we got exactly that. We work hard every day to engineer the seafood industry of today and tomorrow.

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