International Shipbrokers - Atlantic Shipping A/S was founded in Copenhagen in 1986 and has since then grown to be one of the world’s leading shipbrokers specializing in the sale and purchase of fishing vessels.

In addition to fishing vessels, Atlantic Shipping facilitates sales of other vessel types such as reefers and Offshore vessels. In addition to brokerage of second-hand vessels, Atlantic Shipping has been involved in numerous new-building projects. We assist the owners throughout the entire process of shipbuilding; finding the right ship designer and shipyard, negotiating the contracts and assist in design, technical and financial matters.

Of other services, Atlantic Shipping provides different consultancy services in fishing vessels and the fishing industry. We provide valuations of vessels and quotas on a regular basis for shipowners, banks, insurance companies and others. Atlantic Shipping is also able to arrange technical inspections of vessels through external partners.

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