This makes Ný-Fiskur's new FleXicut machine for its Sandgerði plant that processes around 6000 tonnes of raw material annually, with exports mainly routed to Belgium and other European outlets. This new machine is the tenth Marel FleXicut sold onto the Icelandic market.

The FleXicut machine has developed continuously since its launch, and has remained the heart of the system that improves handling, yield and productivity and now promises to raise quality even further with virtually hands-free processing all the way from pre-trim to end-of-line, including final packing while optimizing the utilization of each fillet.

"We're just as excited this time around," said Ný-Fiskur managing director Thorsteinn Magnússon.

"We already know how the investment will improve processing speed and product quality, and we expect the new features will give us an important competitive edge."

Marel's FleXicut remains at the forefront of fish processing innovation, proving itself effective at optimising the fillet and giving production managers more control than ever before.

"We knew right from the start that FleXicut has a lot to offer our customers in terms of productivity, handling and yield," commented Marel's sales manager Óskar Óskarsson.

"More recently, the real potential of the software element has come to light – operators can tell FleXicut where the value lies for them, in terms of high-value cuts, and it will use that information to decide how to cut each and every fillet. This is groundbreaking stuff."