Marel to supply new salmon plant

10 Nov 2015
Marel has signed a deal to equip the portioning and VAP sections of Bakkafrost’s new salmon factory

Marel has signed a deal to equip the portioning and VAP sections of Bakkafrost’s new salmon factory

Bakkafrost has signed a deal with Marel for equipping the portioning and value-added production (VAP) sections of its new salmon factory in the Faroe Islands.

Bakkafrost’s state-of-the-art Harvest/Packaging/VAP factory is set to open in 2016 and will be equipped with the latest technology to improve efficiency while fulfilling strict requirements for hygienic design, food safety and gentle product handling.

As announced last year, Bakkafrost had already chose Marel to supply the technology for the primary processing section of the new facility – a highly sophisticated Grading and Distribution System for Whole Salmon that includes gutting and box packing areas, as well as an intelligent distribution system to all processes following the gutting process.

Marel has signed with the Faroese salmon company to supply equipment for the value-added production such as portioning and packing of all final products, as well as the software that will tie the new plant together. The company will supply an integrated, high capacity, innovative system for the gutting area, distribution of products, packing of whole fish, value-added production, skinning, portioning, packing, labelling, check weighing, and metal detection.

Marel will be the sole supplier for distribution to freezers, packing of frozen products, by-product handling, and IQF packing. The company’s equipment has also been chosen for the tubs area, whole fish freezing and packing, filleting lines, and vacuum lines in the portioning area. An advanced Marel portioning and distribution system prior to and after portioning will not only allow for high accuracy in the portioning control, but also result in less giveaway and higher utilisation of the raw material.

Bakkafrost CEO Regin Jacobsen said, “When it came to planning the construction of the new factory, we turned to Marel because of their proven track record in supplying reliable, long-lasting, state-of-the-art equipment and software solutions.”

Delivery for the primary processes will take place in early 2016, followed in mid-2016 by delivery for the value-added production.

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