Focus on new generation fish tub

17 Aug 2015
The NSM R660

The NSM R660

Based on several years of experience with cooling containers for the fishing industry, Fischernet ApS - an all-round Danish wholesaler for fishing equipment - will introduce a new type of fish tub at DanFish.

The NSM R660 is a new generation roto moulded fish container. It is ISO 9001 certified and its shape is compatible with most handling systems.

The new container has a larger volume - 660l – than is normal for this size and it is manufactured from food grade virgin USDA/FDA/EU approved material.

Fischernet says that it has great expectations for this new product. Cooling containers have become popular even for those fishing in low temperatures, such as in Greenland, where fishermen want to prevent the fish from freezing before it is landed.

The new product comes in addition to a wide range of cooling boxes from 50 to 1000l that are currently offered by Fischernet. The correct handling of fish is of utmost importance for assuring a high quality product for consumers, at a time where focus on increased consumption of fish has become an important health issue.

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