TripleNine satisfied with 2016 profits

17 May 2017
Swedish trawler ‘Themis’ landing at 999's Thyborøn factory

Swedish trawler ‘Themis’ landing at 999's Thyborøn factory

Danish fishmeal and fish oil supplier, TripleNine Group, says it’s satisfied with its profits in 2016 turning over a revenue of 1,786 million DKK and a profit of 142 million DKK, despite turbulent market conditions.

In 2016, the group had to rise to the challenge to deal with very low quotas/catches of certain industrial fish species and high raw material prices, and it’s pleased with the results.

"All three of the group's subsidiaries in Chile, Norway and Denmark have made positive contributions to the profits,” said Jes Bjerregaard, CEO TripleNine Group.

"The satisfactory profit in a challenging market has been achieved based on skilled employees and a solid commercial platform focusing on quality and service in close and open collaboration with our customers.”

He added that the group has further strengthened its position through the initiation of a major investment programme in Denmark.

The Norwegian group, Koppernæs, took over the majority (81.5%) of the shares in the 999 Group back in the autumn of 2016.

Mr Bjerregaard added: "With a clear, long-term ownership in place and a highly-enhanced platform, we are well-equipped for the future. We will strengthen our core business in the future by continuing the investment programme in Denmark and by further developing the cooperation with both our customers and our suppliers.”

He said that despite the severe reduction of sales prices for fishmeal and oil, putting pressure on the margins, a positive result is expected again for 2017.

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