NZ amends fishing regulations

17 Jun 2013
New Zealand fishing boat. Credit: QFSE Media/ CC BY-SA 3.0 NZ

New Zealand fishing boat. Credit: QFSE Media/ CC BY-SA 3.0 NZ

Changes have been made to regulatory controls of some of New Zealand’s most valuable fisheries, including a decision to extend consultation on the Otago/Southland Paua fisheries review.

Primary Industries Minister Nathan Guy said that there needs to be further consultation on proposals to review commercial fishing restrictions in the fishery, and he has asked the Ministry for Primary Industries to organise a process to work with all stakeholders and give further recommendations on this issue in the next few months.

Changes have also been made to the rock lobster fishery which will streamline reporting and recordkeeping regulations, and remove unnecessary regulation in NZ’s most valuable export inshore fishery.

Other decisions in the announcement include:

  • Commercial divers being approved to use underwater breathing apparatus (UBA), under strict conditions, for horse mussels and sea cucumber. Chatham Island divers will also be allowed to use UBA when harvesting paua and kina
  • Further consultation regarding the use of underwater breathing apparatus in the mainland New Zealand commercial kina fishery
  • An increase in the number of rock lobster that can be taken by recreational fishers in parts of Fiordland to improve recreational fishing opportunities
  • A decrease in the number of mussels that can be taken by recreational fishers in the Maketu Taiapure area to ensure sustainability and uphold kaitiakitanga
  • A new destination code for commercial fishers to use when completing fishing returns to improve reporting of commercial fisheries

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