NFI informs retailers of Greenpeace hypocrisy

07 Mar 2013

Greenpeace’s annual sustainability survey and ranking of US grocers, 'Carting Away the Oceans', has been criticised by the National Fisheries Institute (NFI).

The ‘Your Pain, Their Gain’ campaign claims to expose Greenpeace as “a science-averse, marginalised organisation that doesn’t care about helping retailers develop sustainable seafood policies - only fundraising to sustain its $700,000/day operating budget”.

“This survey has nothing to do with sustaining the world’s oceans; it’s all about sustaining Greenpeace,” added NFI spokesperson Gavin Gibbons.

NFI’s campaign, hosted at, will include infographics, videos, and analysis. The site will feature case studies of high-profile companies in different industries that have continued to suffer from unrelenting Greenpeace confrontation even after meeting its initial demands.

“Greenpeace engages in what we call a cycle of abuse,” Mr Gibbons said. “It unilaterally decides to target businesses and make unrealistic, endless demands; harass employees and customers; appeal to donor generosity to thwart made-up crises; and claim victory when businesses capitulate.”

He said that as Greenpeace does not endorse any seafood certification programs and is not active in Fishery Improvement Projects, grocers are far better off communicating their sustainability efforts directly to their customers.

“No matter what they tell Greenpeace, it’s never good enough. Greenpeace will always criticise them”, he said.

To read the Greenpeace response to this story, please click here.

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