Investment package for Slovenia

04 Aug 2015

The European Commission has adopted a key investment package for the Slovenian maritime, fisheries and aquaculture sectors worth €32.6m for the period 2014-2020.

The package includes almost €25m of EU funds.

Commissioner for Environment, Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Karmenu Vella welcomed the adoption: "I am delighted that we adopted today the Slovenian maritime and fisheries programme. The EMFF, in synergy with efforts from other EU funding, can play a vital role in helping Slovenian fisheries, aquaculture and fishing communities thrive well into the future. With its emphasis on economic, environmental and social sustainability, today's adoption puts the sector on the path to greater resource efficiency, innovation and more opportunities for jobs and growth."

The package seeks to promote smart and green fisheries and aquaculture, while strengthening companies' economic viability and the potential for maritime economic growth. In particular, it aims to foster a sustainable, innovative and profitable aquaculture sector. It also aims to secure the sustainable development of fishing communities, for instance through improved added value and diversification of professional activity.

Supported initiatives will include projects that improve the sustainable livelihood of fishing and aquaculture communities, limit the impact of fishing on the marine environment, ensure the balance between fishing capacity and available fishing opportunities, and promote the competitiveness of aquaculture and processing sectors.

The main focus for the Slovenian Maritime and Fisheries Operational Programme is on:

  • €17.46 million for the sustainable development of fisheries, aquaculture, fisheries and aquaculture areas, and for marketing and processing related measures
  • €1.92 million for control and enforcement measures
  • €1.98 million for technical assistance
  • €1 million for measures concerning the Integrated Maritime Policy
  • €0.34 million for measures on data collection
  • €0.1 million for storage aid

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