Good news for stocks

13 Jun 2013
Fish stocks are on the increase in the north-east Atlantic

Fish stocks are on the increase in the north-east Atlantic

Although the focus has been on cod stock recovery in the North Sea recently, other north-east Atlantic assessed fish stocks are recovering well too.

A recent report by NAFC Marine Centre in Shetland revealed that most of the main species of fish caught by Scottish fishermen has increased over the last six years.

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive, SFF, said: “The majority of our fish stocks in the north-east Atlantic are increasing in size due in large part to the sustainable fishing practices of our fishing fleet.”

There are also the positive steps that fishermen have taken to adapt nets and real time area closures to protect spawning fish.

The report reveals that plaice stocks in the North Sea were larger in 2012 and have tripled in size since 2004, hake stocks more than quadrupled in size between 2006 and 2011.

This positive news on fish stock levels was also reflected by the European Commission which recently announced that there are now 25 stocks in European seas known not to be overfished, compared to only two stocks in 2005.

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