Fish stocks recovery

24 Jul 2013
Northeast Atlantic fish stocks appear to be on the road to recovery Photo: NEF

Northeast Atlantic fish stocks appear to be on the road to recovery Photo: NEF

A new report on fish stocks in the Northeast Atlantic has further confirmed that they may be in sustained recovery.

The report by researchers form the Universities of Aberdeen and Strathclyde underlines the responsible way that the Scottish fleet harvests fish stocks, according to the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation (SFF).

Bertie Armstrong, chief executive, SFF, said: “Much of this has been achieved by the innovation of our fishermen in adopting a range of measures to reduce discards and to protect juvenile and spawning fish.”

The Reversal of Fish Stock Decline in the Northeast Atlantic published recently in the journal Cell Biology revealed that the status of fish stocks is improving. The data used came largely from government research institutes, including large programmes at hundreds of fish markets and at sea on hundreds of fishing and research vessels operating every day of the year.

Figures were then analysed and integrated into mathematical stock assessment models and peer reviewed at the International Council for the Exploration of the Sea (ICES) in Denmark, which recommends catch levels to the European Commission.

The latest report findings confirm another recent study carried out by the NAFC Marine Centre’s Department of Marine Science and Technology in Shetland, which collated information collated by ICES.

It showed that most stocks have seen substantial increases over the last few years down to the fact that exploitation rate for most stocks has fallen sharply.

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