Comata orders new toothfish longliner

18 Jul 2017
Comata orders new toothfish longliner

Comata has ordered a new 63 metre freezer longliner from Piriou

The Piriou shipyard has an order from French fishing company Comata for a new 63m freezer longliner for fishing toothfish in the French TAAF EEZ in the Southern Ocean.

In 2002 Piriou built Comata’s present Ile de la Réunion, a 55.45m longliner for the toothfish fishery in he Southern Ocean, one of a series of vessels for French owners. Now Comata has come back to Piriou for a replacement which will be built at Piriou’s Vietnam yard, with delivery scheduled for late summer next year.

Comata and its parent company Scapêche have a long shared history with the Piriou shipyard, which has carried out numerous conversions and upgrades of the company’s vessels over the years, as well as having built three 46m fresher trawlers for Scapêche between 2003 and 2005, in addition to the current Ile de la Réunion.

“We are proud and pleased to continue the longstanding collaboration with Comata and the Scapêche group,” commented Piriou CEO Vincent Faujour. “With this new latest generation longliner, we are continuing to support our customers in renewing their fleet for toothfish fishing in the EEZs of the French Austral and Antarctic Territories.”

Designed by Piriou Ingenierie, the new Ile de la Réunion will feature diesel electric propulsion, with two 900kW electric motors and power provided by a bank of four 780kWe generators. The diesel electric option is expected to allow greater flexibility of operation and energy management, as well as simplified maintenance and savings in fuel consumption.

The new longliner will operate in some challenging waters, including in the sub-polar region beyond 60°S, hence its ICE 1C classification. It will also be operating in zero discard waters, where nothing can go over the side, so a treatment plant for handling production waste is an integral part of the design with waste minced and stored in a pair of dedicated tanks with a combined capacity of 95 cubic metres.

The new Ile de la Réunion’s dimensions are 62.80m overall, with a beam of 12.40m and accommodation for a crew of 32. Fuel capacity will be 525 cubic metres. Planned production capacity is 4000kg/day and the -25°C fishroom has a capacity of 700 cubic metres.

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