Fish Waste for Profit – Book now!

27 Jul 2017
Fish for Waste

Fish Waste for Profit international is a one day conference taking place on the 14th September

The 15% early bird discount ends Tuesday 1st August so book now to avoid disappointment! This year’s conference will take place on 14 September in Smarinn, Kopavogur, Iceland.

Fish Waste for Profit international is a one day conference aimed at companies involved in the commercial fishing, aquaculture and processing sector. This will be the 2nd edition of the Icelandic Fisheries Conference, Fish Waste for Profit, and the programme is packed with pioneering industry experts from Iceland. The programme follows the format of a pyramid of value and will make use of topical seminars to discuss the creation of value from fish processing by-products.

If you want to make contacts in the by-product reutilisation sector in Iceland, book today and save 15%!

Almost half of the fish caught for human consumption is discarded before it even reaches our shelves. This represents a significant amount of potential profit that is effectively being thrown away. Companies in Iceland, the pioneers of this industry, have developed a range of uses for this hidden gold; enzymes, pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, cosmetics and leather goods are just some of the products hitting the Icelandic market.

If you are interested in boosting your profits, visit the Icelandic Fisheries Conference and learn from the best. Want to know who’s going to Fish Waste for Profit? The hotly awaited programme has now been released for the 2nd Icelandic Fisheries Conference 2017.

To view the full programme, click here.

Session titles include:

  • Large scale processing of fish by-products
  • Niche products – uses for discarded fish skin
  • Rising to the top – high value products, high intensity processes
  • Fish waste: a big business

Conference delegates also get free entry into the 3-day Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, attended by over 15,000 individuals.

Book your place online at or call +441329 825335 for more information.