Kroma A/S join as sponsors of the 2024 Fish Waste for Profit webinar.

Kroma A/S is an internationally oriented Danish company specializing in fish processing equipment. Since 1975, we have focused on designing and manufacturing machinery, and turnkey solutions, committed to innovation, hygiene, and cutting-edge technology.

From concept to creation, we take pride in our ability to turn ideas into tangible products, leveraging a deep understanding of the challenges faced by fish processing sites and extensive know-how expertise. Kroma A/S covers every step of the primary processing, offering a product portfolio that spans the entire spectrum of fish processing needs, including stunning, gutting, de-scaling, filleting, grading, weighing and waste solutions.

Additionally, our waste handling system ensures responsible disposal and optimizes the use of by-products from fish processing lines or dead fish from aquaculture sites. We efficiently process fish waste into an easy storable silage, which can later be refined into additives for various purposes. Notably, our smart engineering technology eliminates the need for cooling the processed fish waste, enhancing biosecurity at fish processing plants by reducing the risk of undesirable bacteria spreading, a critical factor in the fish farming industry.

Established with a commitment to excellence, Kroma A/S has been proudly serving customers with customized products and exceptional services that met diverse needs in aquaculture industry.

For more information, visit our website, get in touch via email at, or call us at +45 9752 2099.