Rune Frostad, Norwegian co- founder, and specialist in liquid processing segment for marine food and nutraceuticals.

Rune Frostad may 2024

Rune, at 17 yrs. old left for work at longliners and trawlers in Norwegian fisheries, before he continued to land-based food and nutraceutical industries in his early twenties. Rune has built an overall practical competence within the marine value chain from raw materials to food and ingredients.

After technical education with following project and portfolio management education in Ålesund Norway, Rune has specialised in complex processing and co-funded several process equipment companies in Scandinavia.

From 2018 Rune spent time exploring the opportunities within the global marine ingredients markets. Finally deciding to fund the company Pretio AS in Ålesund Norway in 2022, which takes the position to be a part of the needed industrial development to lift utilization of fish waste from whitefish industry.

With the purpose of strengthen the sustainability in a well-regulated whitefish industry with the use of circular economy, through full utilization considering all cut off’s from intestines, heads, and backbones to make different product for different end market`s.

As executive officer Rune is leading Pretio AS to be a valued part of the Norwegian whitefish industry to create high value ingredients as healthy food and nutraceuticals for global markets.