Managing Director Europe, Regal Springs

FWP Perta Weigl

At Regal Springs, we are proud to introduce Petra Weigl, the Managing Director of Regal Springs Europe. In addition, she is the Global Head of our Natural Additions Division where she oversees all by-product sales within our 100% fish utilization strategy, ensuring that every part of our tilapia is put to valuable use.

Petra joined Regal Springs in 2017, bringing with her a wealth of experience from various roles in the seafood industry. Her career began in a fishery research institute, followed by significant positions as Quality Manager and NPD Manager at one of Germany’s largest private label fish producers. After 13 years, she advanced to Unilever Frozen Fish, managing private label sales. Petra then led IGLO Germany’s private label division and later took on responsibility for NOMAD Foods’ private label and export business, including IGLO branded products in Switzerland. She also served as Channel Director Discount for Nomad Foods’ branded discount business.

Petra holds a university degree in Fish Technology from the Institute of Food Technology in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She is married with two adult children.

With her extensive background and expertise, Petra is a key leader at Regal Springs, driving innovation and sustainability in the white fish aquaculture industry.