Day 2 of Fish Waste for Profit opened with six leading developers, researchers and business owners who are trailblazing the way in by product utilisation.



The fourth and final session in this years Fish Waste for Profit conference saw six presenters give a five minute presentation on their current projects, which ranged from organic fertilizers to fish oils from herring and mackerel.

The presenters and their topics on the day included:

  • Collagen and chitin from marine invasive species and aquaculture cleaner fish - Runar G. Solstad, PhD, Nofima
  • From fish waste to energy and organic fertilizer - novel and proven technology - Dr. Arne Hj. Knap - Sterner
  • High value special products towards commercialisation - Joakko Hiidenhovi - Senior Scientist, Natural Resource Institute, Finland
  • N-Atlantic pelagic fish oils originated from Herring and Mackerel - The new exiting Natural fish oil source in times shortage - Snorri Hreggvi Osson, CEO, Margildi
  • The Journey to 100% Utilisation - Erla Ósk Pétursdóttir, Managing, Director, Marine Collagen ehf

Once all projects had been presented the panel came together to discuss what they could do going forward as a collective to accelerate the progress being made.