Elisa Palomino, Senior Lecturer BA Fashion Print; Katrín Maria Káradóttir, Associate professor, Fashion design, Iceland University of the Arts; and Martina Imfeld, Devstudio - Digital Printing & Color Specialist are confirmed to have a joint presentation at Fish Waste for Profit, taking place 9-10 June 2022, in Smárinn / Fifan halls in Kópavogur.



Their presentation will explore the material design innovation process during a cross-disciplinary project working with fish leather. RISE project FishSkin: Developing Fish Skin as a Sustainable Raw Material for the Fashion Industry, aims to generate a deeper understanding of fish leather as an alternative to conventional leather to encourage more sustainable fashion practices. The objective is to create aesthetically relevant, technical and crafted fish leather products that illuminate sustainability thinking as a driver for innovation. The project looks at the strategies implemented by practice in the field of material design innovation fed by new technologies, addressing changes in interactions between humans and with our environments.

About the presenters:

Martina Imfeld, Devstudio - Digital Printing & Colour Specialist; has been working in the digital and traditional textile printing sector for 25 years and gained most of her experience in leading companies specializing in digital printing and in the development of requirements for dedicated software to meet customer needs. Martina started a business in Berlin and opened a printing studio for designers, companies and schools to print samples and for the production of output with Inkjet technology.

Elisa Palomino is a recognized fashion designer and academic. Her training has been working on the Fashion luxury industry for 25 years including Head of the Studio at John Galliano, Christian Dior, Roberto Cavalli, Moschino and Diane von Furstenberg.In 2010 she launched her own label showing during New York, Milan, Rome, Madrid and London fashion weeks.

Katrín Káradóttir is the Programme Director in Fashion Design at the Department of Design and Architecture at the Iceland University of the Arts. Katrín studied tailoring in Reykjavik and fashion design in Paris. She has extensive experience in experimental pattern making, design, artistic consultation and collaboration, using unconventional textiles and creating new volumes.

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