The re-utilisation of fish processing by-products is a lucrative add-on to regular fish processing, serving the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. You can learn more about the technology making this possible, in this dedicated session taking place on Day 1 from 14:00. 


There will be a strong lineup of speakers from a range of technology areas discussing how they are contributing to the green economy:

  • Dennis Lohmann, Head of Product Management, Baader

Co-Product Valorization - Towards an industrial Implementation of innovative Food Processing Concepts to achieve 100% Ulitization

  • Orri Arnarsson, CTO, Kaktus Technologies

Fish waste or hidden profits? - A new approach to a circular economy

  • Wenche Uksnøy, Cluster Manager, NCE Blue Legasea

Innovative Technology unleashing fish waste value potential


Fish Waste for Profit provides attendees with knowledge on how to maximise their return on investment from potentially discarded parts of the catch that can be turned into high-value products for non-food sectors. This is a must-attend event for owners and CEOs from the fishing, aquaculture and processing sectors as well as those in the associated supply chain looking to discover new innovations and industry insights, and to develop relations with key industry stakeholders.


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