Norwegian herring fisheries enter reassessment

17 Apr 2013
Norwegian herring fisheries have entered assessment for MSC recertification

Norwegian herring fisheries have entered assessment for MSC recertification

Norges Fiskarlag (The Norwegian Fishermen’s Association) is seeking MSC re-certification for the Norway North Sea and Skagerrak herring fishery and the Norway Spring Spawning herring fishery.

The Norwegian herring fisheries entered the MSC full assessment process in 2008 and were certified a year later. The fishery is now seeking its second five-year MSC certification.

Jan Birger Jørgensen, assistant secretary general of Norges Fiskarlag says: “The Norwegian fishing industry finds it natural to go for a reassessment under the MSC for our herring fisheries. This will hopefully continue the picture of our herring fisheries to the market, as well and sustainable managed fisheries. We therefore look forward to fruitful cooperation with MSC”. 

Recertification, if granted, will continue to equip the industry with a credible tool to independently demonstrate sustainability to markets which ask for a credible verification of sustainability, said MSC’s deputy director for Europe, Camiel Derichs.

“These fisheries are key suppliers of raw material for European markets asking for MSC certified herring and by being MSC-certified, Norwegian pelagic fisheries increase the market potential for Norwegian herring, which adds value to the pelagic industry in Norway”, said Mr Derichs.

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