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VAKI’s latest feature in the VAKI SmartFlow system is automatic water levelling in fish tanks that helps farmers lower the water level of the tank as they pump.

By getting information into the VAKI SmartFlow system, there is an automatic level sensor which provides information on how crowded the fish are in the tank. Then, the tank can be levelled to get the optimum numbers of fish through the pump. The solution includes the pump, grader and counter. The pump is automatically controlled by the counter and shortens the process of grading and counting, putting fish welfare in the focus. In general, VAKI has been increasing capacity, creating bigger pumps and counters than we did before. Our focus has been on the welfare of the fish to make sure that moving fish is efficient, seamless and as stress free as possible. All VAKI products provides higher level of automation and contribute towards increased efficiency and improved fish welfare. VAKI consistently work to ensure that fish farmers have the technology and solutions to contribute to the ongoing sustainability of fish farming, which ultimately advances animal welfare and well-being. We look forward to welcome you on our stand E-63.




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