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  • Vónin has designed and developed its own range of trawl doors

    Vónin branches out into trawl design


    Vónin has branched out to design and develop its own range of trawl doors, in cooperation with a leading specialist in fluid and aerodynamics.

  • A screenshot from Vestmannaey’s wheelhouse showing the Poseidon trawl doors responding to the skipper’s alterations

    Taking trawl doors to a new level


    There has been plenty of development of trawl doors since the days when they were just that; arrays of heavy oak planks bound up in an iron frames, hence the name. WF&A''s new columnist, Quentin Bates, reports.

  • Adjustments in the wings had a direct impact on the trawl

    Major milestone achieved for controllable trawl doors


    Notus Electronics Ltd of Canada and Polar Trawl Doors of Iceland have partnered to develop controllable trawl doors that are wirelessly controlled from the ship.

  • The new ‘Jumper’ trawl door

    New trawl door significantly reduces seabed contact


    The new ‘Jumper’ trawl door from Morgére has been designed to minimise contact with the seabed.

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    ‘Flipper’ design moves to Type 14 VF


    Last year Thyborøn Trawldoor introduced the ‘Flipper’ doors, as a technical design change to the existing Type 15 VF - this year the company has moved this design change with its adjustable foils to its Type 14 VF.

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    Morocco orders Morgère trawl doors


    Moroccan fishing company, Omnium Marocain de Pêche, has ordered 10 sets of VO08 trawl doors from Morgère.

  • The Flipper foil concept has been patented worldwide

    ‘Flipper’ showcased at DanFish


    Thyborøn will be showcasing its new, versatile flying trawl door, ‘Flipper’ at DanFish.

  • Cornelis Vrolijk was the first vessel to use the new Flipper doors. Here the door is seen in action with the foils released. Credit: Cornelis Vrolijk

    Introducing ‘Flipper’


    Thyboron has described its new dual purpose ‘Flipper’ trawl door as the most versatile of all of its doors so far.

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    Morgère trawl doors for Canadian skippers


    Morgère has sold five sets of PV3 trawl doors over the last few months to Canadian east coast skippers, who are finding the equipment ideal for their local fisheries.

  • Morgère will be promoting its range of trawl doors at IceFish

    Morgère to promote trawl doors at IceFish


    Morgère will be promoting its range of trawl doors at the Icelandic Fisheries Exhibition, which are proving popular with many Icelandic skippers for their versatility and consistently good catch rates.

  • Venture’s trawl doors

    Scottish skipper praises PV3 trawl doors


    A Scottish skipper has praised the performance of Morgère’s PV3 trawl doors for their stability and the consistent spread they provide of the net opening – even when the vessel is engaged in a tight turn.

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    Super-trawler sets new record


    New super-trawler ‘Gitte Henning’ has set a new Danish record by catching 3,281 tonnes of blue whiting in one tour, reports Thyboron Trawldoors.

  • The PV3L Door

    Trawl door delivers great results


    A new type of trawl door developed by Morgère and designed to fish close to the seabed has proved successful for a number of Icelandic skippers since its launch one-and-a-half years ago.

  • Slættaberg KG-652 with Injector Monarch trawl doors

    Trawl door sales take off


    Vónin has reported booming sales of trawl doors over the winter months of 2013 and the beginning of 2014.

  • Thor and Sture Claesson flanking one of the new doors

    Great results from Thyborøn doors


    Danish trawler ‘Ceton’ has a new set of 14m2 15 VF midwater doors from Thyborøn Trawldoors.

  • The Isafold now has a set of VF 15 when fishing in low waters for sand eel or sprat in the North Sea

    Flying trawl doors “working out well”


    Skipper Karsten Mølgaard from Hirtshals has reported that getting a new set of 15 VF flying trawl doors from Thyborøn Trawldoors was a “very good experience”.

  • The Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl Doors

    Revolutionary doors from Polar


    Polar Fishing Gear’s Poseidon Remote Controllable Trawl Doors have completed successful sea trials onboard the 70m Icelandic research vessel, Árni Fridriksson.

  • Sustainable trawling has bottom line advantages

    Low-flying doors save fuel


    The low-flying 15 VFB trawl door from Thyborøn Trawldoor has been thoroughly tested for bottom trawling onboard the Nueve Joven Josefina of Minorca.

  • The Thyborøn trawl door, with a distance sensor and a pitch, roll and height sensor underneath, while testing environmentally safer trawling methods in the North Sea

    Scientific research for sustainable trawl doors


    Low water fishing for sand eel in the North Sea has been put in the spotlight by Danish scientists in order to sedure the future of both the fish stock and the fishing industry.

  • ‘Sigurbjorg’ from Siglufjordur in Iceland sails to its fishing grounds

    Jupiter t4 doors on mackerel


    Iceland-based trawl door design and manufacturing company, Polar Fishing Gear, has reported good results with its Jupiter t4 model of pelagic doors, especially on high speed fishing for mackerel and herring.